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Rakeback is rake that is refunded to the player. Most online poker rooms offer to give back a percentage of the rake they take from the player if they sign up through a rakeback provider. The typical rakeback offer is around 30%, but can be higher or lower depending on what room you are playing at.

A few examples would be Cake Poker rakeback offering 36% and PKR rakeback who offer 30%. Continuing with our example, if the typical player who raked $1080 a month played at Cake Poker and received 33% rakeback, he would receive about $356 of the rake he paid during the month back as a refund. That is a huge chunk of cash! Especially for a low limit player who only plays a couple hours a day.

Poker Room

Rakeback US Friendly? Rakeback Review Room Review
Cake Poker 36% Rakeback NO Cake Poker Rakeback Cake Poker Review
PKR 30% Rakeback

NO PKR Rakeback PKR Review

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